Extreme Peptides Dos and Don’ts

Extreme Peptides is a website that offers high quality peptides, chemicals and proteins made in the USA. It actively contributes to the research industry by keeping the prices low and allowing scientists to perform their studies without worrying about the costs. But let’s see the main dos and don’ts of this website.

– Pay attention to their initial banner. We always close all the annoying banners that cover the website when we visit a page. But this one is really important. It lets you know you’ll have a discount of 25% for your first order.
– Sign up. This is extremely useful if you’re a researcher who constantly needs peptides or chemicals. You’ll always be updated with the latest news, promotions and sales. This is a great money-saving opportunity because Extreme Peptides offers incredibly generous deals to those who are attentive enough to get them.
– Observe the EP Reward Points. They’ll gather up and you’ll be able to get discounts, free items or even free orders if you have a nice amount of them.
– Visit the Canadian (www.extremepeptide.ca) site if you live in Canada. You’ll get updates and prices according to your region. The shipping will be cheaper too (or even free).
– Send them an email if you want to make a large order. You’ll get special discounted prices that are not listed on the website. The quote will be customized according to your order.

– Don’t buy products to ingest them or inject them. All the products are for lab research only and are not meant for human consumption.
– Don’t mix the powders in your household cleaners or cosmetics. They are not meant for that.
– Don’t purchase products to sell them to other people. The peptides, chemicals and proteins available on Extreme Peptides are meant for research purposes. It is prohibited to consume them as they haven’t been studied enough and the effects are still unknown. That’s why the site gives researchers the opportunity to contribute and test them well enough for them to be used in the future. They do their best to assure the safety of the citizens and to stop unauthorized use. Therefore, orders to Australia, UK, Norway, Brazil, New Zealand and Ireland have been suspended. If you have a valid permit, send an email to Extreme Peptides and they’ll unblock your account.
– Don’t purchase anything if you are not at least 18 years old.
– Don’t use the products if you’re not trained and qualified to do so.


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